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Workshop and Seminar Recordings

You can now order either audio (playable on CD players and most computers) or data (playable on computers only) CD’s of select ACCESS seminars and workshops:

 “How To Discipline Your Children” (ACCCN Parenting Seminar - 4/30/11)

  • “The Purposes and Principles of Discipline” (Chinese) – Dr. Edward Lai, with brief introduction by Rebekah Wang (English)
  • “The Art of Reward and Punishment” (Chinese) – Ruth Wu

 “Asian American Women’s Mental Health” (AARC Asian American Women’s Health Fair Workshop - English with Korean translation, 5/10/11) – Ruth Wu

“Facing Stress, Loss, and Suffering in Today’s World” (ACCC Seminar - 8/20/11)

  • “Stress and Relaxation” (Chinese) – Dr. Edward Lai
  • Special Guest Testimony (Chinese) – Dominic Yang (about his counseling experience as a young adult and it’s impact on his life)
  • “Dealing with Suffering/Loss” (Chinese) – Ruth Wu

“Out of the Dark Valleys: Emerging from Crises in Work, Family, and Ministry” (ACCC Seminar - in Chinese only, 4/14/12) - Ruth Wu

CD’s are available for a suggested donation of $5 for one CD and $10 for a set of 3 CD’s.  You may order the seminar and workshop recordings by calling the office (770) 986-0800, or emailing